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Balagi & Dilmoni

Balagi & Dilmoni is an Indonesian furniture company and brand, which is specialised in designing and producing superb quality of handmade-handwoven lifestyle furniture. The company is established in 2015 unifying two local furniture factories, PT. Balagi Rattan and PT. Dilmoni Citra Mebel Indonesia, which have shared 40 years of experience in designing, producing and supplying the world with outstanding handwoven furniture quality.

PT. Balagi Rattan, established in 1991, is now world renown for producing/supplying originalYamakawa designs. PT. Balagi Rattan is entitled to have design property rights of Mr YuzuruYamakawa. PT. Dilmoni Citra Mebel Indonesia, established in 1999, is well known for being a pioneer in designing modern day furniture, made from natural rattan and combining it with modern industrial materials. Both factories have achieved international recognition and awards for its design and innovation.

Balagi&Dilmoni is founded due to a growing interest and demand from local users toward woven furniture, such as rattan despite the old stigma toward rattan or other handwoven furniture. Therefore, we believe that it is highly significant to introduce our capability, creativity, designs, brand and products to the local market, at the same time educating them about rattan and handwoven furniture. We positioned ourselves as a contemporary and modern furniture brand offering diverse designs and products for both projects and retails interests.

In each of our design we put forward core values that exhibit the aesthetic significance of the design, the high ergonomic level we try to achieve, the workmanship excellence, the finest quality and variety of materials we used, and the customer-oriented professional service. We believe by exhibiting these core design values we are able to maximally deliver our products and services to our customers.

We have successfully provided our services and products to the following companies/clients:

  • Hilton, Jakarta
  • Hotel Mulia, Bali
  • Axsana Hotel, Padang
  • Hotel Patra Jasa, Bali
  • The 101 Hotels & Resort, Jakarta
  • Hotel Bintan
  • Beacon Cafe, Jakarta
  • By The Beach Restaurant, Jakarta
  • Tator Cafe, Jakarta
  • Studio One Residence, Jakarta
  • Bentani Hotel, Cirebon
  • Eric Kayser, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta
  • Gedong Putih, Lembang, Bandung
  • Cirebon Waterland, Cirebon
  • Hotel Yellow, Jakarta
  • Hello Sunday CafĂ©, Jakarta
  • Pesona Alam Resort&Spa, Cisarua
  • Java Paragon, Surabaya
  • JW Marriot, Surabaya
  • Akmani Hotel, Jakarta
  • Chin Chin Restaurant, PIK Jakarta
  • Thamnak Thai Resto, Kemang Jakarta
  • Artotel Hotel, Yogyakarta
  • Radisson Blu, Uluwatu Bali
  • Madam Rich Restaurant, Puri Indah Mal Jakarta
  • Gojek Head Quarter Office, Pasaraya Jakarta
  • Sugabites Patisserie, Senopati Jakarta
  • Makabana Coffe & Co-Working, Semarang
  • Lalla, Jakarta
  • Sagoo Kitchen, Serpong
  • Ayam Penyet Ria, Cirebon