Opening: Our first flagship store and showroom

We are pleased to announce that Balagi & Dilmoni is going to open the first ever flagship store and showroom in Indonesia this year. Opening Balagi & Dilmoni store and showroom is a part of our commitments to expand ourselves in the local retail market and to provide our clients a direct contact with our products

The store will be located in a busy Kemang area, Jakarta, a strategic district and a hub for furniture retails and interior designs. We believe Kemang is a suitable place to start up and to establish both of our existence and brand image within the market.

We hope for the best for the ongoing construction and opening progress. We will see you soon at Balagi & Dilmoni store and showroom

Our very own Japanese tatami chair “Shokuji” by Yuzuru Yamakawa

One of the original designs of Yuzuru Yamakawa. Despites its small and simple shape, it has great ergonomic level and was designed for authentic Japanese dining with low table. Shokuji’s natural finish imbues a classic Japanese ambiance. Besides its commercial use, the chair is a great addition for residential interior, especially for secondary or smaller living room with low table. Shokuji tatami chair is currently on stock, available for retails and projects.

Shokuji’s retail price is Rp. 1,641,600. On the other hand, for project inquiry different pricing is applied with minimum order quantity.